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Issued on Dec-19-2012
Customer Advisory: USEC ILA (International Longshoremen's Association) Possible Strike

Dear Valued Customers,

Pending negotiations between the International Longshoremen's Association and United States Maritime Alliance, here is a status update of Evergreen Line operated vessels that might be affected during Dec/29~Jan/8.

(1) (1) NUE: RDNT(Ever Radiant)/0565E/W :
                                          Charleston (12/29-29), Norfolk(12/30-31),
                                          New York (1/2-3)
              ROAD(Sun Road)/0566E/W :
                                          Charleston (1/5-5), Norfolk (1/6-7) , New York (1/8-9)

(2) AUE: DMND(Ever Diamond)/0656E/W New York (1/2-3), Baltimore (1/3-4)
              DIVN(Ever Divine)/0657E/W :
                                          Savannah(1/5-5), New York (1/7-8), Baltimore (1/8-10)

(3) AUE3: URBN(Ever Urban) 092E/W : Charleston (12/30-31)
                MGRS(MOL Generosity)/0027W(092W):
                                                   Norfolk (12/31-1/1), Savannah(1/2-3),
                                                   Jacksonville (1/3-4), Charleston (1/5-5)

(4) TAE: CNGY(Cosco Nagoya)/0169W(029W): Charleston (12/31-31)
             SPOL(Santa Paola)/0170W : New York (1/2-3), Norfolk (1/4-5),
                                                   Charleston (1/6-6)
             HPNX(Hanjin Phoenix)/0171W(116W) : New York (1/7-8)

(5) ANS: CTHM(Conti Harmony)/0041S(008S): Savannah (12/31-31), Miami(1/2-3)
              NYJN(NYK Joanna)/0042S(314S) : Norfolk (1/3-3), New York (1/4-5),
                                              Savannah (1/7- 8), Miami (1/9-10)

(6) CAM: DSRT(Dover Strait)/052S (051N) : SKIP

For Export reefer booking, no equipment will be accepted into a terminal if it cannot be loaded on a vessel before Dec. 29th.

All Import reefer cargo shall be picked up before Dec. 28th.

As this situation changes, we will update vessel status accordingly.

Kindly contact your local Evergreen sales representative if you have any questions.


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