Notices and News

Issued on Nov-19-2012
Evergreen Line Announces Rate Restoration for Round Trip
on Far East/Indian Sub-Continent to Europe and Mediterranean Trade

In a continued effort to provide our customers with the reliable and efficient level of service, Evergreen Line hereby announces to implement rate restoration program from DEC.2012 for round trip between Far East (including Japan) / Indian Sub-Continent and Europe / Mediterranean Trade. It will apply to all cargoes and commodities, including temperature-controlled and special equipment. The details are as below:

1.Far East (including Japan) / Indian Sub-Continent    ->    Europe
    Effective Date: DEC/15/2012 (On Board Date)

2.Far East (including Japan) / Indian Sub-Continent    ->    Mediterranean
    Effective Date:DEC/15/2012 (On Board Date)

3. Europe / Mediterranean    ->    Far East (including Japan) / Indian Sub-Continent
    Effective Date:DEC/01/2012 (On Board Date)

We really appreciate your trust and support.


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