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Issued on Dec-10-2007
Taiwan's Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
to Perform in Los Angeles in American Debut

Port of LA to host world-class musicians

LOS ANGELES, CA--Taiwan's Evergreen Symphony Orchestra (ESO) will make its American debut on December 9 and 10 in Los Angeles. The 70-piece orchestra, under the direction of its Music Director of Music and Conductor Gernot Schmalfuss, is travelling to California from Taipei to perform in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Port of Los Angeles, a harbor that is a major port of call for Evergreen Line containerships.

The performance on Sunday, December 9, will be held at the passenger ship Terminal in San Pedro where a day-long celebration will take place for the community, along with attractions for children and other celebratory activities. Evergreen Symphony will play The 1812 Overture—the actual debut performance in the U. S. Later, with the containership Ever Unific and stacks of thousands of Evergreen green containers providing a backdrop, there will be a sensational fireworks display.

On Monday evening, December 10, the orchestra will play at the historic Warner Grand Theater, also in the San Pedro section of Los Angeles, before an audience of classical music enthusiasts, fans of Asian musical interpretations and guests of the Port of Los Angeles and of Evergreen Line. Musical selections will include:

  • Glinka, Russlan & Ludmilla Overture
  • Taiwanese & U.S. Folk Songs:
      • Tu Ming-Hsin Arr., Adolescent Longing
      • Amenderson Arr., Longing for your early return
      • Jan Tien-Hao Arr., Loving the Year Round
      • Masaaki Hayagawa Arr., Dreaming of Mother and Home
  • Hsin Hu-Kuang, Ga-Da-Mei-Ling, Symphonic Poem
  • Dvorak, Symphony No. 8

Proceeds of the formal concert will be used to refurbish the historic Warner Grand Theater.

The Evergreen logo became a familiar sight on the West Coast waterfront in 1976 with the sailing into the Los Angeles harbor of the Ever Spring. Today, Evergreen Line has five sailings per week from 195-acre Evergreen Terminal in San Pedro in Far East trades.  Evergreen Terminal can handle two 6,000-TEU vessels simultaneously. Since then, Los Angeles has grown in Evergreen Line's importance and today customarily handles some 30 percent of imports and exports that move to and from North America and the rest of the world on Evergreen Line ships with an anticipated 1.4 million TEUs in 2007 alone. The five sailings per week via los Angeles are the North Asia-U.S.East Coast-Europe pendulum (NUE-E and NUE-W);Transpacific Southwest Service(TPS); China - South U.S. West Coast-China Service(CPS); and Hong Kong,Taiwan-U.S. West Coast Service(HTW). The Port of Los Angeles, America's largest containerport, has provided terminal service for containerships since 1958. Evergreen also has been a responsible member of the community as the first carrier to be recognized for environmental excellence by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and other agencies in 2002.

Also significant in the Evergreen relationship with Los Angeles is EVA Air, which launched its first trans-pacific service between Taipei - Los Angeles when the carrier took the first delivery of its B747-400 aircraft in November 1992 with seven flights a week. Also EVA Air led the industry to promote the world's first Premium Economy Class as its fourth cabin on the Los Angeles route.
After 15 years of operation, EVA Air has expanded the frequency of Los Angeles – Taipei to 20 weekly flights with the most advanced B777-300ER aircraft. The airline is expected to carry near 600,000 passengers on the Taipei/LA route in 2008 and Los Angeles will become the most important American gateway with the greatest frequency in North America for EVA Air. In addition to passenger services, EVA Cargo also provides the shippers the most convenient and direct services from Los Angeles to Taipei with nine flights a week.  

About The Evergreen Symphony Orchestra

The ESO was established by the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation in 2001 and staged its first concert in 2002. Over the years it has gained renown for its fresh interpretations of classical music and Taiwanese folk songs.  In September 2004, the orchestra made its first public appearance overseas, at the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore.

The Chang Yung-Fa Foundation was established in 1985 with a mission to promote the culture and arts as well as providing aid grants to the underprivileged with pressing medical and educational needs.  Between 1986 and 1997 the Foundation sponsored 28 of Taiwan's finest music students to study at major academies in the US.  In April 2001, the 20-person Evergreen Orchestra was formed as a pre-cursor to the formation in 2002 of the 70-strong Evergreen Symphony Orchestra (ESO).

About The Port of Los Angeles

Since 1907, the following statistics define the growth over the last century.
Annual operating volume: 2 million tons in 1907 vs. 169 million tons in 2007
Annual cargo value: US$ 2 million in1907 vs. US$190 billion in 2007
Largest trading partner: the Pacific Northwest region of the US in 1907 vs. China in 2007

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